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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Island Hopping - Samal, Davao

December! Almost everyone is busy this holiday season, and so am I (Hahaha). It's been a while since my last post here, thus I thought of sharing some of my experiences this holiday season. Last week, I was invited to join the Christmas party of my previous employer. For this year, they decided to divert most of the funds for the victims of typhoon Pablo, and just organized island hopping for their party.

It has been known that Davao has so many experiences to offer, from highlands to islands, and one experience you might explore is to enjoy the beaches of Samal. You can visit the Sta. Ana Wharf few days (or weeks, during peak season: summer and December) before the scheduled activity to book and arrange the itinerary for the whole day island hopping. You need also to indicate the number of people, as rates may vary according to the capacity of the boat you will use. For our island hopping, the company paid Php 7,000 for the whole day activity, inclusive of the boat usage with a capacity of 40 people.

Docking Station - Sta. Ana Wharf
I suggest you start early for you to have more time to enjoy each of the destination.

First Stop - ANGEL'S COVE
The boat will stop few meters from the shoreline, and with its clear waters, this spot is ideal for snorkeling.

Dayang Beach offers a stretch of white sand and clear blue waters. We had our lunch at this stop since there were a few cottages here. Ohh, this is also a great place for beach volleyball.

As the name suggests, you will find numerous corals here - a perfect place for snorkeling.

I am not really sure with the spelling of "Kristina", but for sure you will love this spot. The water here is a bit cooler (than the previous stops) and you will be delighted with numerous star fish at the bottom of the sea. Without looking at the shoreline, you might even think that you're just on a swimming pool since the water is so clear and bluish.

Fifth Stop - ISLA RETA
This resort is known for its stretch of white sand beach and pristine water. There are also cottages here which you may use.

We started our island hopping at around 9am, and we left Isla Reta at about 5pm. On our journey back to the wharf, we pass through some of the resorts in Samal including the world-renowned Pearl Farm.

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  1. Wow! Ang ganda ng tubig! add to places to go - Samal, Davao! :D