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Monday, November 26, 2012

Chinese Garden Singapore: The Nature+Culture Experience

Commonly, great skyscrapers, shopping, Sentosa, are just some of the first few things that would pop-up to someone's mind if we talk about Singapore. Well, this city-state can offer also an experience with nature+culture, and that is, a visit to the Chinese Garden and the adjacent Japanese Garden in Jurong East.

Take the East West railway line (green line) towards Joo Koon and alight at the Chinese Garden Station. The garden is just about 4 minutes walk from the station. Entrance to the garden is free. If you love photography, visit there when the sky is blue to produce great shots. When we visited the place, it was a bit gloomy, but we still manage to take some nice photos.

Upon entering the main entrance, you can see the map of the Chinese Garden and the Japanese Garden as well. You can start taking the Chinese Garden side, and later, to the Japanese Garden since they are just adjacent to each other and connected with a bridge.

The first thing you'll notice is the 7-storey pagoda. You can take the stairs towards the top for you to have a 360-degree aerial view of the garden and even some parts of Singapore. Unfortunately, the pagoda was too crowded that time when we went here, so we decided not to go to the top.

You'll see these too, statues of some important Chinese people.

Just few walks later, you can now see this Twin Pagoda structure.

Walk a bit, and you will reach this bridge connecting to the west entrance.

And just in front of that is the Main Arch Building. You can also find a fishpond in the middle of this Chinese building.

You can also see live turtles here freely moving around.

There are also traditional Chinese structures such as the Stone Boat and Tea House. 

The Japanese Garden is connected with this bridge. A picturesque area!

The landscape of this garden is a bit more calm than the Chinese Garden, with only few big structures around.

So, if you have some free time during your visit in Singapore, why not try the Chinese & Japanese Garden experience.

Opening hours:
Chinese Garden: 6am - 11pm
Japanese Garden: 6am - 7pm


  1. Great photography :) I love the fish picture most. NATURE LOVER hahah :)

    Aree , your new follower :)

    1. Hi Areeba! Thank you for visiting my blog...and of course, for following. :)

      I will follow you back now.

  2. Ahh it's so beautiful! I want to go to Singapore now. The world just has too many amazing places, it's impossible to see them all. Found you via blogaholic network. raspywit.blogspot.com

  3. Kamusta kabayan :) nice blog Jay keep on sharing!

  4. @Whit & Leah:
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  5. This is a nice place. I wonder how Singapore, a small country did to preserve that kind of things! This is really a beautiful place... :)

  6. Hi Cmigiti. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Yeah, this garden is manifestation of their efforts to balance progress with nature. :)